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Research Your Broker Like A Movie Or Meal

Before you buy a new phone, you look at online reviews to see what consumers and experts have to say. Before you see a new movie, try a new restaurant or buy the latest novel, you likely do the same: a bit of research so that your time and money are not wasted.

A recent article on investments said that it's unfortunate that many of us don't do the same due diligence when it comes to trusting our hard-earned cash with a broker. The investor education director for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission says the SEC has made such research simple.

All potential Lexington investors need to do is go to the SEC's investor.gov website, where there is an easy-to-use research tool that will enable you to do a quick check into a broker's history. It's a great place to go before investing and just as great to visit if you have already taken the leap.

The SEC recently launched a new public service campaign to get people to do a little bit of research into potential brokers and brokerage firms -- research that can wind up saving them a lot of money and anguish. Of course, for those who have never heard of this search tool until now, the worst might have already come to pass.

Those who have lost their life savings to broker misconduct can attest that it's difficult to get that money back. It can be done, however, with a skilled attorney experienced in helping victims of securities fraud.

You can contact Mihalek Law to find out about the options available in your situation.


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