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When broker ethics break down

Many of our Lexington readers no doubt recall news not long ago about giant stock broker JPMorgan. It has been alleged that some of its clients were coaxed and pushed into investing in some expensive funds that turned out to perform below expectations. By itself, that's hardly newsworthy. The story made headlines, however, when it was revealed that the underperforming, costly stocks were owned by none other than JPMorgan.

The Other SEC

The SEC is known to Lexington fans of the University of Kentucky as the most competitive conference in college sports. The SEC is also the Securities and Exchange Commission, the most dominant player in the investment world.

A pattern of unethical behavior

As some of our Lexington readers know, it is often easier to look back and spot the warning signs of unethical behavior in a stockbroker than it is to notice the behaviors in the moment. That might be what some friends and associates of a former stockbroker are thinking these days.