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Is life imitating art?

Lexington fans of "The Producers" know that the premise of the Mel Brooks comedy is simple and brilliant. Two forlorn nobodies --- one a hapless theatrical producer and the other a timid accountant --- decide to produce a surefire flop for Broadway. They scheme to raise far more money than they need, certain that when the play closes after opening night, investors will expect no returns. The "brilliant" scam backfires when their play unexpectedly becomes a hit.

Protecting yourself from securities fraud

It's a mere 3-hour drive from Lexington to Hopkinsville, Kentucky. The city is on the historical Trail of Tears, and it has a beautiful Downtown Renaissance District. If that's not enough to get you to jump in your car, consider that next week, Hopkinsville is hosting Senior Scam Jam, according to a TV station there. It's a free workshop for seniors on financial fraud protection.