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'The Whopper' leaves a bad taste

He was once a stockbroker spoken of in awed tones. Known as "The Whopper," he was a high-volume, upper echelon broker for investment bank UBS for 17 years. Long admired in the business as a man who made money for himself and his firm, Jose Gabriel Ramirez, Jr. is now costing UBS millions -- with the potential for many millions more on the horizon.

Ramirez was the broker involved in a recent case in which UBS had to pay $2.5 million to an elderly couple who accused him of omission of material facts, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract and giving them unsuitable investment recommendations.

In February, UBS wrote a check for $6.5 million for a Ramirez client. Two months later, another of his customers received $2.5 million. Last year, three customers received a total of just over $1.25 million.

So far a dozen cases against the Swiss bank involving "The Whopper" have been resolved. Fifty more are pending, the National Law Review reports.

Some stockbrokers earn tremendous trust and respect from their customers, but there are also brokers who mislead, deceive and lie. The clients are invariably the ones hurt in those situations.

But with the help of a securities arbitration and litigation firm, customers can fight back and hold dishonest brokers and investment advisers and their negligent employers accountable. The attorneys of Mihalek Law have been helping Lexington residents fight and win back their money since 1977. Please take a look and see how our experience can matter in your situation.

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