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Securities fraudster asks court for leniency

He pleaded guilty to securities fraud in what has been labeled the Scam of the Century. Our Lexington, Kentucky readers are well familiar with the $65 billion Bernie Madoff investment scandal that rocked the nation. Now Irwin Lipkin -- the controller for Madoff's firm -- is pleading for mercy from the court as he awaits sentencing for his crimes.

Immigrants seek investments from woman accused of fraud

While virtually anyone can find that they are the victim of securities fraud there are certain demographics that those perpetrating the fraud may be drawn to. In previous posts we have focused on the vulnerability of elderly individuals. Their unfamiliarity with the world of investing sometimes coupled with dementia make them easy marks. They are not the only group that could be taken advantage of however. Immigrants could be easy victims as well. The criminal charges brought against a businesswoman on the west coast illustrate this.