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Investments lost due to broker misconduct? Contact a lawyer

From an early age many people begin saving for retirement. While some people place some of the money they save in the bank, investing is a part of the plan for many. Because the average person does not have a background in finance, to accomplish this, many people turn to investment professionals to help manage the funds.

Unfortunately those investment professionals do not always keep up their end of the bargain. Instead, some handle the money inappropriately and are either negligent or engage in fraud. All too often this is not discovered until large amounts of an investor’s money are gone.

When this happens investors may not know where to turn. You may feel as though the loss of funds is due to something you did. This is not true. Financial matters are complex and can leave even the most intelligent individual unsure of what is going on. When an investor finds a stockbroker to manage his or her money there is a certain level of trust placed with this individual.

While the Securities Exchange Commission may be looking into a matter involving your investment, this may not translate into you getting your money back. Instead, you will likely need to pursue your funds on your own.

For individuals who find themselves in this situation, the best place to start is a lawyer who handles security law matters. Individuals in this field have the knowledge needed to pursue your funds.

At Mihalek Law our lawyers represent investors who are seeking to recover funds lost due to broker misconduct. To learn more about how the firm may be able to help you, please see our website.

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